About Ethan

Hi I'm Ethan Maurice, Haley's older brother.

I’m a hardworking, adventure loving, 22 year old philanthropist, and author of TheLivingTheory.com. I love travel, people, photography, writing, backpacking, bicycle touring, working out, the beach, and playing a variety of sports. I have a deep passion to inspire, to help people come alive, and to be alive myself.

I was born in Phoenix, AZ and spent the entirety of my first 18 years of life growing up in the same home. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I was always a good athlete and near the top of my class academically. As a kid I loved legos, truth or dare, capture the flag, basketball, and air soft guns, but my one true love was baseball. I was a pretty “normal” kid, until one day I was bitten by the wrong (or maybe the right) mosquito on vacation in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona.

Three weeks later, I was nearly killed in a bout with meningoencephalitis. I had a stroke, underwent multiple grand mal seizures, three days in a coma, nine days in an intensive care unit of the hospital and, at one point, doctors worried I was brain-dead. I won out in the struggle for my life, but was left with the mental scars of barely being able to speak and recall words. My motor skills were significantly screwed up. School, sports, social life - for months of rehab I was unsure I'd be able to recover any of it. Slowly, it started coming back.

After missing the fall semester of my junior year, I spent the last year and a half of high school in an awkward existence. Trouble speaking in class, talking to peers, and extra classes, the rest of high school was spent recovering what was lost in those few life altering days.

It took a while for the realization to come about, but one day it struck me. At the age of 16, I almost died. I fully grasped the fragility of life. A mosquito bite had almost ended me. Everyone seems to have this preconceived notion that they'll live on to be 100, but old age is far from guaranteed.

In that moment, I realized I had to do better. It was time to reinvent myself and to fully overcome the mental scars of meningoencephalitis. In my freshman year of college I started anew. I looked at my life and began piecing it back together. I kissed a girl. I studied hard and killed it in school. I began reading books about communication skills, biographies of rock stars and other greats who had lived their lives to the fullest. I aspired to be great at everything and above all, to live and enjoy every day.

In the summer of my junior year of college, I decided to tie up this recovery portion of my life by doing something remarkable for the hospital that saved me. One day, about nine months before actually beginning, I decided to 100% commit to ride a bicycle across the entire United States, from Atlantic to Pacific, to raise funds and support for Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH). I hoped to inspire and be a source of hope for kids in similar situations with long roads of recovery. To show them that despite their limitations at the moment, with hard work, they can persevere and overcome the adversity in their own lives. I had no one to look to in my darkest of days and was very unsure of my future.  My ultimate goal was to provide hope for those in similar, life altering situations.

Leaving from Virginia Beach, Virginia on May 17th, 2013 my brother Reid and I rode our bicycles 4,450 miles across the United States over 76 days. We climbed the Appalachians, got chased by dogs in Kentucky, crossed America's Bread Basket, conquered the Rocky Mountains, pedaled through Yellowstone, and ended our ride on the Oregon Coast. We had the time of our lives and through hundreds upon hundreds of hours of hard work, raised over $96,000 for Phoenix Children's Hospital. It was by far the greatest adventure of my life and altered it's entire course.

You can read my featured ride blog here: www.crazyguyonabike.com/pedalingwithpurpose

On May 9th, 2014 I graduated magna cum laude from Northern Arizona University with a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science and a minor in Chemistry. However, every molecule of my being screams to head in a different direction. I'm committing the next couple years of my life to exploring the earth, accomplishing dreams and sharing it all through my website.

Summit Diabetes is my first project and focus of this great post-grad adventure I have planned. It's a marriage of extreme adventure and hopefully extreme fundraising for the most worthy of causes. I'm ecstatic to make this trip and will derive motivation on the toughest of ascents from the knowledge that the accomplishment can bring us one step closer to curing type 1.